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VO Big 3 Cable Kit- 97-14 Ford Econoline Gas Engines

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Product Details
Brand: Vantage Optics

Optimize your 97-14 Ford Econoline gas engine charging system with this kit. Modifications to the OEM battery terminals are required to install the kit, but they can be done with simple hand tools.

This kit is now available with the optional VO Fuse Holder that uses a genuine Blue Sea Systems 300amp MEGA fuse setup to prevent from over-current or system shorting. This is recommended but does add up to a week to the processing time to assemble the components.

This kit allows for enhanced alternator to battery connection and engine block to both chassis and battery ground connections using oversized USA made 2/0 Excelene welding cable. Most electrical system components in the van platform are woefully undersized preventing proper alternator efficiency and premature battery failure. The addition of the military terminals allows connection to the battery for additional components in a very efficient and aesthetic way to reduce wiring clutter.


97-14 Econolines with the 4.6/5.4/6.8 Triton engines

Kit contents-

1x 2/0 Alternator to battery cable (USA made components)

1x 2/0 Engine block to battery cable (USA made components)

1x 2/0 Engine block to chassis cable (USA made components)

2x military style battery terminals

1x clamp

2x bolts to secure ground locations

Disclaimer- Installing this kit on your vehicle will provide a direct connection from the alternator to the battery. Any and all ill effects arising from the improper installation of this kit or component failure lie solely on the buyer and installer.

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