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VO Econoline Max AC Kit

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Take your 97-current Ford Econoline air conditioning system to the next level with our unique Max AC Kit. These vans never had heater core valves installed from the factory and AC performance suffers as a result. 

That's great and all but what does this do for my van?  This is a great question! Adding this kit allows coolant flow to the heater core when in the MAX system setting. Eliminating flow to the core allows the air that's been cooled through the evaporator core to flow through the system without being passively heated. The operation is seamless to the end user and once installed requires no maintenance. 

Installation of the kit is straightforward and should take about 30 minutes. Draining about 1 gallon of coolant from the cooling system is recommended to make it a leak free job.

Kit contents-

Vacuum actuated heater valve (two styles are used based on availability)

Vacuum tube w/tee pre-installed 

Qty 2 Hose clamps

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