VO Ford Econoline 92-2014 A-Pillar Light Brackets

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Brand: Vantage Optics

YouTube Installation video is available below!

Please note production units do not come standard with the triangle brace as it is far overkill for most light options. They are available as an option if you feel the need.

Check the list below for lights that do and do not need the braces. Adding braces will also add cycle time to the order (usually one week as they are done in batches)

Vantage Optics A-pillar light brackets allow for auxiliary lights to be placed at the base of the windshield. These brackets mount under the factory hood hinges and are a simple no-drill install. They do raise the hood very slightly (~0.100") but in most cases it is hardly noticeable. These brackets are laser cut and feature a slotted light mount platform so you can choose your proper placement (be sure to allow for clearance when the hood is fully opened).

These brackets can be used for other purposes as well such as side-aimed camping lights, flag/whip mount location, radio antenna location, etc.

Known fitment with no braces needed:

Baja Designs S1, S2, Squadron

Diode Dynamics SS3 and SSC2

RIGID D-Series, D-Series SS, Radiance pods

KC Flex Series (QTY2), KC Flex Era

Known fitment with braces needed:

Baja Designs XL, LP series

RIGID XL Series, Q Series

Any light larger than 3" is recommended

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