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VO Remote Service/Camping Light Kit

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Product Details
Brand: Vantage Optics

Add bright usable light where you need it with this clever add-on kit. With its magnetic backed Profile LED light and long extension lead you will be able to place the light in the optimal location to make your repair or set up enough light for camping applications. Current consumption is very low and will last a long time on your current vehicle battery power before having issues.


-Profile magnetic light assembly (white light)

-12" fused battery lead (inlcluded but not shown at this time, compatible with other Weatherpack connector items)

-Weatherpack connectors provide a durable joint

-Optional cigarette lighter outlet harness allows use without battery connection (assuming the outlet is hot when the vehicle is off)

-Enough cable length to provide access anywhere on your vehicle

-Easy to store via the magnet or optional Molle style pouch

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